Exit Strategy.

There are several business exit options that are open to owners when the time is right to transition out of a business. Choosing the right one can have a significant impact on the ability to maximise the return on this key asset.

Developing an exit strategy well in advance allows strategic decisions to support and enhance the value of the asset when a transaction finally takes place.


After years of preparing businesses to become exit ready, our experience shows us what a potential investor values and also what difference an exit-ready business has on the owners.

We have three mantras around exit-ready businesses.

  1. A business that is exit ready is a great business to own.

  2. Exit-ready businesses always gain a premium.

  3. Most underestimate the time taken to get exit ready.


Whether you are planning to exit your business in three years or five years, our advice is to have a firm plan in place to get the business ready.


Our process starts with a full assessment and evaluation of your business, including:

  • Shareholder expectations and alignment

  • Business performance review both operational and financial

  • Development of three- to five-year forecasts and valuation simulations

  • Exit-readiness audit and assessment report

  • Annual execution plan including 90-day review processes


We will work with you and your management team in implementing your exit plan. We also work with you to execute and make progress on the following areas:

  • Less reliance on key positions and the business owner(s)

  • An intense focus on performance and profitability

  • Management disciplines in execution

  • Clear reporting and visibility

  • Highly engaged personnel

  • Clear focus on risk mitigation for the business

  • Strategic alignment for potential investors


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