Business Valuations.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a business, or shares within it, or even planning a successful transition from a business, obtaining an independent business valuation is a vital first step.


We help you understand what your business, shares or assets are worth, and what is really driving their value. Our independent valuation services help you gain valuable insights when making decisions.


While many people know what they want the value of a business to be, in reality a business is much more than purely what financial statements indicate. Intangible factors such as customer concentration, key staff, reliance on the owners, leases, patents, supply chain factors, industry conditions and risk play significant roles in determining the value range of a business and its shares.


Business valuations can be highly subjective and require deep market knowledge and expertise. We ensure the right methodology is used for your situation and needs. A valuation is likely to be part of a larger project, which is why our advice extends across business sales, minor shareholder investment or divestment, acquisition, business strategy and exit planning. We support you towards your broader business objectives, whatever the circumstance.


We take the time to understand the specifics of your business and assess all the factors, unique to both the business and the current valuation, which may affect the outcome. Understanding how your business creates value and its strategic positioning is critical. We are experts in understanding these matters and translating into an opinion on the value of your business.


We have a thorough understanding of which valuation methods to apply and when. Every business is unique and we make sure that the methodology we use is appropriate to the purpose and the context.


Clients ask us to value businesses for a variety of purposes including:

  • Business valuation for sale

  • Shareholder exit and minority valuations

  • Management buyouts and equity schemes

  • Business valuation for acquisition

  • Business valuations for divorce

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Valuation methodologies for shareholder agreements

  • Valuation for merging businesses

  • Valuation of party related business investments


In some situations, a business valuation report is not required, and therefore our first meeting with you is without charge.


Note: We do not undertake market property valuation or equipment valuations.


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