MyAdvisor is the preferred provider of business sales, mergers, acquisitions and strategy services, for private mid sized businesses.

Our team of advisors help clients to identify and take advantage of the best strategic business sales, mergers and acquisitions opportunities. We provide a highly effective client-led service, ensuring maximum value and delivery. MyAdvisor can provide assistance in the following particular areas:

Our team at MyAdvisor combines extensive M&A experience, deep market knowledge and business intelligence to identify and engage merger and acquisition prospects.

Our unique approach to M&A combines the four corners of strategic mergers and acquisitions thinking: synergy, economies of scale, shareholder value and disruption.


This approach is supported by the in-house creativity and expertise to structure the right deal and ensure full post-transaction integration.

MyAdvisor strategically prepares companies for sale and acquisition. We work directly with principals to enhance shareholder value through our consultancy, negotiation and review services to deliver the best performance and results.

Our team approach specialises in strategic exit preparation and company sales for privately owned companies. This ensures we engage with the acquirers and investors with the most to gain from an acquisition and create competitive tension to optimise value, structure and deal culture.

We advise on Management Buy Outs, Management Buy Ins, valuations, company buy backs and private equity investments. We can also negotiate to maximise transactions where direct buyers have been found, secure optimum debt funding and carry out shareholder restructuring work.

Our ethos is to think successful decisions. We believe that every business must have a clear and compelling strategy that aligns the shareholders to the managers through to the front line team.

Our team have the top business strategists in New Zealand, and have worked with hundreds of successful business owners and their management teams in developing winning strategies over the past 15 years.

We use proven methodologies, and our approach does not finish with a written report. We work with Business Owners, CEO's and their management teams to support the execution of their strategies over the medium term to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Strategy Advisory Services

  • Strategic Planning Processes for Boards and Investors

  • Strategic Planning Processes for Management Teams

  • Brand Strategy Planning and Facilitation

  • Sales Plan Processes and Implementation

  • Brand and Marketing Planning and Implementation

  • Strategy Implementation Services and Reviews

  • Mergers and Acquisition Services

  • Franchise and Licensing Development

  • Investment and Capital Raising Services


Growth Advisory Services

  • Financial Reviews

  • Industry Financial and KPI Benchmarking services

  • Salary and Remuneration Policy Development

  • Change Management Services

  • Cost Reduction Analysis

  • Team Restructure and Implementation Services

  • Rationalisation Projects

  • Measurement and Reporting Implementation

  • Team Accountability Implementation Services

  • Leadership Development Programmes

  • Key Man and Human Capital Risk Assessments


Deal Advisory Services

  • Succession Options Analysis

  • Business Valuations

  • Strategic Valuations

  • Business Readiness Audit

  • Management Buy Out Process

  • Succession Plan Development

  • Business Exit and Selling Services

  • Management incentive schemes

  • Merger and Acquisition Services