Merger & Acquisition activity is no longer exclusive between corporates, with mid sized firms now capitalising on this global trend. How ready is your business?

Our team of advisors help clients to identify and take advantage of the best strategic business sales, mergers and acquisitions opportunities. We provide a highly effective client-led service, ensuring maximum value and delivery.
Blueprint for a Merger

Is your business right for a merger? Could you increase your shareholder value through an effective merger in your supply chain, with a competitor, or with a strategic investor or private equity group?


We will work with your shareholder and director group through a comprehensive process to map out your value chain and identify specific opportunities to validate your position.


We will undertake a research process into your business to outline the corresponding opportunities for value and improvement, as well as packaging up an Information memorandum  for potential investors.


We work closely with client's accounting firms on business valuations and medium term forecasts, and their legal teams in getting deal ready.

Merger and Acquisition activity is no longer the exclusive domain for corporates.

Contact us for a confidential discussion to learn more about how we can support you, and how close your business is deal ready.

Acquisition for Growth

MyAdvisor mergers and acquisition experience, deep market knowledge and business intelligence identifies and engages the best seller, merger and acquisition prospects.  


This approach is enhanced by creativity and expertise to structure the optimum deal and ensure successful post transaction integration.  


Through our extensive network in both the equity and lending communities, our team can support clients in identifying the best corporate finance options for a specific deal.

MyAdvisor delivers a highly personalised service backed by the proven methodology of the MyAdvisor  Framework, ensuring that every transaction has our formula for success at its core.  

This provides the following benefits:

  • A greater quantity and higher quality of acquisition prospects

  • Unlocking hidden opportunities

  • Exclusive sector search

  • Reduced research and transaction management time

  • Increased success rates

  • Optimised deal value

  • Increased shareholder value and market share.


Talk to us today about your business goals and how our approach may be right for you.

Billion dollar NZ Market

Currently in New Zealand there is $2 billion dollars of private equity funds looking for a home and with the ability to leverage debt this means potentially $6 billion worth of potential assets to be acquired.

Whilst the private equity market has traditionally got a bad rap in the public domain, the majority of PE groups working in NZ and Australia, are looking to park investment funds in for the long term.


Gone are the days for a quick 3 year turn around or strip out of assets, as many of these groups are now funded with long term super funds and require long term financial results.


The rising cost of deals means we are seeing now that many private equity groups are looking for quality assets to hold for a long term.


In addition many private equity groups are now looking at the mid sized market for investment where there is export opportunity to expand into new markets with capitalisation, especially up into Asia, or market consolidation through merging supply chains or competitors to gain scale and an acceptable investment and yield.

Is your business the right fit for a private equity transaction?


Talk to us to learn more about this approach and whether it is right for your business.