Business Sales 

When it comes to selling your business or shares in it, having the right deal team in place is at the heart of gaining a good result.


In our experience business sales and divestments come in three forms, and they all present their unique challenges. They are:

  1. Full enterprise sale: when the shareholders all want to completely exit the business.

  2. Partial sell-down: when a shareholder is looking to sell all or further shares to a current shareholder or introducing another shareholder into the business.

  3. Divestment of business activity: when the business is looking to divest out of a non-core business activity.


There are many options when selling, starting with a comprehensive understanding of the value of the proposed sale, and gaining clarity on the right options for consideration.


We work closely with you and your professional advisors including accountant and lawyer in preparing the right sale options. This includes assessing the position of your business and ensuring the business is sales ready. We manage and lead the process including:

  • Business assessment

  • Business valuation

  • Development of the sale strategy

  • Information memorandum

  • Investor management and negotiation

  • Sale and purchase agreement execution

  • Settlement support and advice


We support you right through the process, and ensure you have control and complete visibility at all times. Our approach is centred around maintaining the strictest confidentiality. This level of confidence and control is maintained throughout the sale process by all interested parties completing an investor enquiry form that is presented to you for written authorisation prior to any information, including the vendor’s identity, being disclosed. Then and only then is a non-disclosure agreement signed and any information divulged.


We are able to negotiate on behalf of parties by private treaty, and are licensed to act for you under the Real Estate Authority.


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