The definition of business performance is delivering on shareholder expectation. Do you have a clear and compelling strategy that aligns all stakeholders to achieve this?

We are New Zealand's premier strategy development team with extensive success in designing and delivering strategy into mid sized privately owned businesses. Our service is unique in that we also support our clients to execute their strategies across their management teams and frontline staff.
Simplifying the Complexity

The majority of privately owned mid sized firms we engage, have been successfully established for many years, yet still have  substantial potential to increase performance of the business, both financially, operationally and culturally.

Typically what we find in these cases, is a large opportunity to simplify everything the business is undertaking, from systems processes to procedures, to the goods and services they provide, through to the management and personnel structure and design. 

In the majority of instances we undertake a process to design a simple yet compelling strategy that starts with the shareholders and continues through to the operational management of the business.

This process is driven to achieve alignment across the whole stakeholder group, with the final result being an easy to understand strategy that cuts the complexity in a business, creates accountability, and rewards action and achievement.

In our experience most shareholders are willing and enthusiastic to reward the whole business team for achieving financial performance, and achievement of the business strategy.

Talk to us about how we can help you achieve your shareholder expectations through the development of our strategic planning processes and execution services.

Find out more by downloading our free PDF guide "7 Insights to Simplify my Business".

Sustainable Growth

Post the global financial crisis in 2008, most markets and industries have experienced rapid change and uncertainty. Technology advancement  and social changes will continue to advance market uncertainty, making it the new normal in business these days.

For most business, the need for sustainable growth is paramount, to support confidence of shareholders in investment of assets, building teams and innovation to ensure they cope with the changing markets.

Management capability in execution of strategy, developing high performance culture, a meaningful brand, and delivering short term results are the key challenges for medium sized privately owned business.


For most business owners this can be a real challenge if they are operationally tied into the business, or have short comings with the capability of the management teams around them. When it boils down to brass tacks, it the people in a business that achieve the results, not the business owner.


We work with owners to develop the capability of their management teams to deliver in on the strategy and change management requirements in the business.


We provide a monthly and quarterly retainer based service to support the business to drive change management and to create accountability to achieving the strategic goals and short term results.

Our approach is proven successfully with hundreds of New Zealand businesses working with us successfully over the past 15 years.

Talk to us about whether this approach is right for you, your managers and your business.

Maximising Value for Exit

You may have 5 years or 15 years of business ownership life left in your career, however one thing rings true with most of our clients, that owning a business that is ready for sale is a great business to own.

Whether or not you are considering selling in the short term, the time to have your business ready for sale is now. From a risk point of view by shareholders every business should be ready for sale in response to unexpected circumstances.

The vast majority of New Zealand businesses are for sale because the owner(s) are under duress, due to financial reasons, ill-health, industry or sector changes and many other reasons.

Having clarity on exit options, creates a new paradigm, in that it creates a focus on new value adding priorities, investment in assets and activities that potential new investors will want, and the development of key people and roles within the business as a viable means of succession.

many of our baby boomer business owners do not necessarily want to retire or sell, however they want to work 3 or 4 days per week and enjoy substantial time away from their business to enjoy life whilst they still have that opportunity.

Having a business ready for sale or exit creates that opportunity for most business owners and reduces the risks for shareholders for unforeseen or forced exit.


Our team can help you through our succession planning services as well as working with you to implement your succession plan and getting your business sale ready.

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